NPI adds IR Imaging

NorthStar Property Inspections is excited to announce that infrared thermography services have been added to the services provided. Infrared thermography or as it is commonly refer “IR imaging” is a tool that can identify so much more information about a home.

Two Tiers of Home Inspections

Homebuyers will now have two different inspection options to choose from, a standard home inspection and the new premier home inspection. The standard home inspection is an inspection, which meets all of the standards of practice identified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). This is the same, high quality inspection that NPI has been performing for over 11 years. The premier home inspection is the standard home inspection plus IR imaging of all readily accessible exterior walls and ceilings for insulation deficiencies, moisture issues and energy losses.

What is Infrared Thermography?

Infrared technology uses electronic cameras and devices to see heat patterns and, in special cases, to measure temperatures. With the thermal information provided by these tools and the training to interpret what they see, you can help solve many costly problems within a home or building. An infrared image help located missing, damaged inadequate or wet insulation within a homes walls or ceilings, when water is infiltrating into a wall cavity, when water pipe or drains are leaking behind walls and ceiling, and when electrical systems are overheating.

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